Felix Palma at The Fulham boss is sure to bring. ” Cottagers ” survive in the Premier League next season for sure. Although life coaching is never going to come down before they escape relegation with announcement sbobet not afraid of being removed from his position this summer if you need to play the Championship, but lost somehow.

Felix Palma Python team Fulham of the English Premier League was confirmed on Thursday 1 May was not afraid of being laid off from a chair , manager of the Craven cottage with in any way. sbobet team to be relegated from the Premier League this season after a good time.

Current ” magnate ” brace the top 19 of the table with 31 points from 36 games away from Sunderland Central . At No. 17 , a safety zone is 1 point by 2 final match at Fulham with the visiting Raiders Stoke City sbobet before ending the season with an at home to Crystal Palace , which was Gus Smith admitted . This is the first professional football team to escape relegation.

60-year -old coach said: “I have never been relegated before. I was a little afraid of the situation it is in now. And I knew how it would feel . Me nervous at all If it does not , Jacobs sbobet do it , you would not give 100 percent full with this though. But I’m not worried about my future. I will continue to work here. I am here to create a new team set up ” .

In addition, the former trainer of Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 , also believes that will lead Fulham to survive in the Premier League sbobet further that although sequences in 3 of the table since November. given year ago

“I still believe that winning the second match was enough. We need to collect 3 points to get to the chances of catching the grid. And do not have to fall I know that Stoke are a team that play in the home as well. But we are confident as well sbobet players want to show everyone that we can survive . And we are still in this league to continue , “said Gus Smith concluded.

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